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C/O Stay Apartments, Stubkaj 3, 2150 Nordhavn


Our Story

Let us tell you about the building blocks of a culinary concept that we have been working to perfect since 2003. Inspired by travel and oriental cuisine, we set out to transport the essence of Thailand to Gdańsk. Since opening day, we have been introducing our customers to the world of the Orient. The combination of authentic cuisine and top-notch kitchen staff straight from Thailand has resulted in a success that delights thousands of gourmets. And thus we have opened up more branches to bring Thailand closer to the people of Sopot, Warsaw and Poznań. Our decor assured a charming vibe, and our dishes provided a culinary trip that our customers fell in love with.

Our Concept

All of Europe would come to visit and so we have decided to bring the heart of Thai cuisine to Copenhagen. This is the first step to expanding the Thai Thai concept outside of Poland. Upon entering, be immediately delighted by the decor. Then, as you step inside, feel the aroma and atmosphere of Thailand. Of course, the most important element of our restaurant is the kitchen. The Thai Thai kitchen staff from Thailand itself will make sure to prepare the dishes according to traditional recipes, but with their own auteur twist that combines different flavours perfectly.

Food Philosophy

You will be served works of Eastern culinary art, created out of authentic ingredients sourced from Thailand. Our kitchen is a place of love and care, where we refine each dish to provide a truly exotic experience. Our menu holds seafood starters and main courses, beef, fish, and vegetarian dishes, soups, and of course desserts – each and every single offering assuredly extraordinary.

We musn’t also fail to mention a wide selection of wine and assorted alcohols which perfectly complement the flavors of our dishes. The authenticity of our food is an obligation and a symbol of utmost respect for our customers. You only need to do one thing – taste it !